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The 36hp Challenge

Vintage-Volkswagen based Land Speed Record Racing

Classes and Rules

The 36hp Challenge is "free", no charge! ! ! The only costs incurred are preparing your Volkswagen, travel expenses and the respective sanctioning bodies membership and entry fees. If you would like additional information regarding the 36hp Challenge, please contact Burly at burlybug@comcast.net or call 435-752 4359 (MST).

Please help point out errors or omissions! This is a volunteer effort!

Vehicles and their Bodies

Any year stock Volkswagen Beetle, Super Beetle or Cal-Look bug, any Karmann Ghia or pre 1967 Type 2 Bus, Kombi, or Single or Double Cab pick up. Herrod’s Helper rear wings (or replicas) are allowed on Bugs exceeding 100 miles per hour.
All convertibles and sliding cloth sunroof bodies require added safety equipment- i.e. 4 point roll bar- (for example, see the 130 MPH Club Rules).
All metal body panels and fenders including all lights and VW bumpers must be mounted in the stock manner and fully functional.
All loose items must be removed from the passenger compartment and trunk.

Engine Categories

Five Engine Categories allow every 36hp VW owner to qualify for the 36 HP Challenge.

SS (Stone Stock)

Stock 36HP engine with single 28 PCI carburetor with no modifications except the venturi and jets. Must be equipped with a stock VW style exhaust system and tips, air cleaner, stock Bosch distributor and coil(Pertronix Ignitor is O.K.!). 12 volt electrical system, full flow oil system, engine balancing and three angle valve cuts are O.K.!
Stone Stock class limited to stock displacement of 1192cc

SSS36 (Super Stock Single)

Modified 36hp engine with a single 28PCI carburetor (modification are HIGHLY recommended!) and 36hp single port VW cylinder heads(modifications are highly recommended!). Any displacement however engine must retain STOCK cylinder head stud locations (8mm studs are O.K.!). Requires any Bosch distributor and coil (Pertronix Ignitor is O.K.!). No displacement, camshaft or header limitations. Intake manifold can be modified or handcrafted.

DSS (Dual Super Stock)

Pre 1965 Dual or non Stock single barrel carburetor system. (Weber 48 IDA carburetors are pre 1965!) fitted to modified stock VW 36hp cylinder heads or period aftermarket heads (replicas like Wolfsburg West Okrasa heads are O.K.!). Handcrafted intake manifolds are O.K.! Engine must retain stock cylinder head stud locations (8mm studs are O.K.!). Requires any Bosch
distributor and coil. No camshaft or header limitations. Deck lid standoffs are NOT legal!

K36 (Supercharged/Kompressor--Mechanical Fuel Injection)

Any pre-1970 mechanically driven supercharger (or reproduction Pepco/Judson/Shorrock/Godfrey)or pre 1965 mechanical fuel injection.. Requires any Bosch distributor and coil. No displacement (engine must retain stock cylinder head stud locations (8mm studs are O.K.!). Dual period correct superchargers are acceptable. Hilborn, Enderle, Rons style mechanically driven fuel injection systems are O.K.! No camshaft or header limitations. Turbochargers and electronic fuel injections systems are not allowed. Deck lid standoffs are not allowed!


Any turbocharged or post 1971 supercharger post 1966 carburetors or electrical or post 1966 fuel injection (electrical F.I. is O.K.!) or non-traditional external engine modifications. No displacement limit but must maintain stock cylinder head stud locations(8mm studs are O.K.!). Must use 36hp style cylinder heads (aftermarket heads are allowed-Porsche heads are NOT allowed!). Must use 36hp “style” valve covers and gaskets! Dual turbochargers or superchargers are acceptable. Intake and exhaust components can protrude through the deck lid but scoops are NOT allowed. Deck lid standoffs are NOT legal!


Contact information:

36hp Challenge Email: Webmaster, Other needs: burlybug@comcast.net, or call Burly at 435-752 4359 (MST)